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Alright, let's focus on the story.
As I explained at the start of this guide, we need a story for our quest. For this one, we'll be writing a simple gathering quest where the user will need to gather two different items in different stages.

Let's outline it.

In order to write a quest, I like to put each dialog and action on its own line in the outline.
For dialogs, I also like to have it in the format of NPC Name - Dialog.

Let's write it.

For this guide, we'll say our NPC is named Julian and we'll be giving the user a multiple option choice for the first dialog.
We'll also say that the user needs to firstly gather two oak logs, and then two pine logs, which has the item IDs 375 and 408.
To specify a certain stage of the quest, we'll use two equals signs, the stage ID and another two equals signs in the format of == Stage <Stage ID> ==
To specify what happens when a user selects a certain option, we'll use square brackets ([])
To specify a certain action that doesn't directly relate to the dialog, we'll use curly brackets ({})
To specify that a line is related to the previous ones, we'll use tabs or four spaces to indent the line.
== Stage 1 ==
Julian - Hi there, I have an issue and I need some logs, would you mind getting them for me?
* Option 1: Sorry, I'm kind of busy right now.
* Option 2: Sure, I'd love to!
[Option 1]
Julian - I see, maybe I can find someone else to help me.
[Option 2]
Julian - Great! I need 5 Oak Logs!
{Continue Check}
{Start Quest}
{Send Message "Quest Started: ${}.\n[Written by Username]"}
== Stage 2 ==
{If User Has 5 Oak Logs}
Julian - Just what I needed, thank you! I need some pine logs too, do you mind getting those for me too?
{Continue Check}
{Take 5 Oak Logs from User Inventory}
{Update Quest with Text "Get 5 pine logs"}
{Switch to Stage 3}
Julian - Have you gotten the oak logs yet?
== Stage 3 ==
{If User Has 5 Pine Logs}
Julian - Thank you, now I can solve this issue!
{Continue Check}
{Take 5 Oak Logs from User Inventory}
{End Quest}
{Send End Quest Dialog}
Julian - Have you gotten the pine logs yet?
Now that we have written the quest, let's go ahead and build it.
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Let's outline it.
Let's write it.